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Column / 2023.04.05

【What you need in Japan】What is "My Number Card"?

"My Number" is?

The 12-digit number that people living in Japan have is called "My Number".

"My Number Card" is?

It is a card with an IC chip and My Number written on it. Personal information such as name and address is registered in the IC chip, so it can be used as an ID. You also need it when you work, so everyone should apply at the city office.

1) Who has "My Number"?

Not only Japanese but also registered non-Japanese has my number card. Those who have a residence card can apply for a my number card.

※The expiration date of the my number card is the same as the expiration date of the residence card.

2) How to make a "My Number Card"?

① "Notification Letter" will arrive

You will receive the following letter in the mail. If you haven't, please contact the city office.

② Apply for "My Number Card"

You can apply for a My Number Card from the QR code on the notification letter.

※A photo of your face is required for application.

▼Click here for details

Japanese PageEnglish Page

My number card explanation page of the Immigration Services Agency

My number card explanation page of the Immigration Services Agency

③ "Notification of Issuance Letter" will arrive

About a month after step ②, you will receive a letter saying, "The card is ready."

④Receive your my number card at the city office

Be sure to bring these three items with you to the city office.

・Notification of Issuance Letter

・Notification Letter

・ID (passport/residence card/special permanent resident certificate, etc.)

3) What you can do with "My Number Card"?

・It can serve as an ID.

・You can obtain official certificates such as juminhyo (residence certificate) at convenience stores.

・It can serve as as a health insurance card.

・You can issue corona vaccination certificate.

・You can apply for national and local government services online.

▼Click here for details

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Q:What do you need to apply for "My Number Card"?

① Residence Certificate

② A photo of your face

③ Health Insurance Card







  The answer is?★






② A photo of your face

You can take the picture with your mobile phone. Please be careful of the following points:

✅Please use a photo taken within the last 6 months.

✅ Please take the photo from the front.

✅ Please use a transparent background.

✅ Please take off your hat and mask.

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