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Column / 2023.04.06

《What do you think about same-sex marriage?》Everyone’s answer

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What do you think about same-sex marriage this time? Let's see the result !





84% of respondents agreed.


Here are some comments from people who agree.



・Love should be accepted regardless of the gender.

・Everyone should have the opportunity to become a partner.

・I think it's time for Japan to recognize same-sex marriage.


Many respondents have said they agree, but here are some comments from those who do not agree.



・I object it because the number of children will decrease.


・I have no opinion, but if my child chooses same-sex marriage, I will not support it.


Same-sex marriage in Japan and the world

Same-sex marriage is recognized in 34 countries around the world, but not in Japan.

Instead, there are many regions in Japan that have a partnership system.

※Data from January 2023


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