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Column / 2023.04.20

《Recommendations from your homecountry not available in Japan》Everyone's answer

YOLO JAPAN will publish simple surveys every week!

Let's take a look at the result of "Recommendations from your homecountry not available in Japan."

 This is a sudden quiz!


What is this?

Hint: In Japan, everyone uses it.

Answer: toothbrush.

They call it "Miswak."

"I use miswak rather than a regular toothbrush." Pakistan

The reason why they are used in Japan, though they are not available in Japan, is probably because they are very comfortable to use.

It is said to have such a long history that it has been found in Egyptian tombs.

Do many people know or have used it before?

Are there any recommendations like "Miswak" in your homecountry not available in Japan?

Please let us know in another survey.

We will continue to post surveys twice a week, so please check them out!

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