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Column / 2023.04.24

Documents Needed When Getting a Job (Full-time)

Do you know what documents you need to submit to the company when you get hired as a full-time employee?

There are many documents that you need to submit in Japan.

Let's take a look at these required documents because it varies depending on the company.

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《What Everyone Needs to Prepare》

■ Necessary Documents

・Residence Card / Passport

・My Number

Please take your 'My Number Card' or 'My Number Notification Letter'.

Check here for an article about 'My Number'

・Pension Book(年金手帳 - Nenkin techou)

This is a book for confirming information about your pension.

If you don't have one, please call your local government office.

・A Bank Account for Direct Deposit for your salary

There are many companies that use direct deposit to pay salaries.

You will need a personal bank account.

Please copy and bring the page with your name written in furigana.

Here is an article about bank accounts

・A Japanese phone number

Please prepare a Japanese phone number, not a foreign phone number.

Information about 'YOLO MOBILE SIM Cards' for foreigners

・Emergency Contact

This is the person who will be contacted when you cannot be reached, when you fall sick or are injured while at work.

Please check your family and friends' names and phone numbers.

■ Necessary Documents based on the Company

・Statement of Earnings(源泉徴収票 - Gensen choushuu hyou)

This isn't needed when you first get a job, but it is required when you change jobs.

It's a document that states how much you earned in wages for the past year.

It also states how much tax was paid determined by your earnings.

Please acquire it from your previous company, and submit it to your new one.

・Unemployment Insurance Number(雇用保険番号 - Koyou hoken bangou)

This isn't needed when you first get a job, but it is required when you change jobs.

For those with unemployment insurance, it is an 11 digit number that reads as "0000-000000-0".

It should be written on the following two forms. Be sure to receive them from your previous company.

① Unemployment Insurance Certificate(雇用保険被保険者証 - Koyou hoken hihokensya shou)

② Resignation Certificate(離職票 - Risyoku hyou)

「被保険者番号 - Hihokensya bangou」will be written on ①② as an insurance number.

・Medical Examination Report

Please get a medical examination and bring the report with you.

Some companies allow you to take the exam anywhere but others may require designated hospitals.

・Residence Certificate

Please get one from your local government office. You can even get one from a convenience store if you have a 'My Number Card'.

How to Get a Residence Certificate with Your My Number Card (Japanese Website)

《Things the Company Will Prepare》

・Employment Agreement(雇用契約書 - Koyou keiyakusyo)

Working hours and wages will be written in the Job Details.


There are various contracts depending on the company.

* Employment Contract: A document stating the rules of the company you must abide by.

* Nondisclosure Agreement: A document stating that it is forbidden to tell anyone about the company's information and secrets.


Q:What is written on the Employment Agreement?

① The Results of Your Medical Exam

② Your Bank Account Info for Direct Deposit of Salary

③ Job Description






  The answer is?★






③ Job Description

You must prepare ①② yourselves.

The company will contact you about the required documents when you get the job, It's important to ask someone at the company if you don't understand something. They should be able to explain it to you in detail and show you some examples. Don't give up, and do your best to prepare the information!

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