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Column / 2023.05.08

【Company's Insights】About the self-introduction video

When applying for a job at YOLO JAPAN, a self-introduction video is required. The companies will watch your video and decide whether to interview you or not. At this time, we would like to share the comments received from the companies regarding your video.


Job description: Hotel bed making and airport kitchen staff

Person in charge: Mr. Ota

"I talk to foreigners almost every day, so by watching their video, I can understand what kind of person they are. Even if they are not good at speaking Japanese, I can feel that they are trying their best to speak in Japanese. That's why I would be happy if they could speak in Japanese as much as possible!"


Job description: Takoyaki shop customer service staff

Person in charge: Ms. Yashima

"Sometimes it's okay to speak English, but when I watch a video of someone trying their best to speak Japanese, it makes me happy. I can see their enthusiasm for our work, so I want to interview them!"

That's why, a self-introduction video is very important to seize the chance of an interview.

Some staff members can only understand Japanese, so let's try to speak in Japanese as much as possible.

You can take self-introduction videos as many times as you like. Please take a look at "【Self-introduction video】How to take a good video!column, and take a good video✨


Q:What a company can't see when deciding to interview ?

① Residence Card

② Work・Academy History

③ Self-Introduction Video






  The answer is?★






① Residence Card

The companies can see your status of residence, but they can't see your residence card.

② and ③ and are very important to companies when making an interview decision, so be sure to prepare them.

Make sure other user information is also up-to-date.

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