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Column / 2024.04.15

【User's Feedback】I participated in a travel monitor!

YOLO JAPAN offers monitor programs to try out new products and even travel for free! Here's an interview with user C, who recently participated in one of our monitor programs!

Q: Why did you come to Japan?
I met a Japanese friend when I studied abroad in the United States.
I learned that Japanese and American cultures are completely different, so I wanted to go to Japan.
I also thought that if I learned Japanese, I could get a good job in Taiwan.

Q: What was your purpose for registering with YOLO JAPAN?
I registered to find a part-time job.
I learned about YOLO JAPAN from posters at school and ads on websites.

Q: Please tell me about the content of the monitor you participated in.
I participated in a free Okayama Prefecture tour by myself and answered a questionnaire.
The tour was for two days, and on the first day we visited famous gardens and castles and watched traditional dances.