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Column / 2023.05.11

《Differences from my home country》Everyone's answer

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Let's take a look at the result of "Differences from my home country"



What surprised me when I came to Japan

A child is on a train alone!

"Where are your parents?"

"Should I call the police? I can't help you because I don't speak Japanese!"

"Why are the Japanese people around me fine? I can't believe it!"

At first, many people seem to be surprised by this.

"Now I feel that Japan is really a safe country."

"If the parents did this in my country, they would be arrested by the police."

Some commented like that.

Since this is a common occurrence in Japan, the Japanese staff was surprised by everyone's comments.

We have received many other comments about the differences between Japan and their home countries, so please look forward to our next column.

We will continue to post surveys twice a week, so please check them out!

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