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Column / 2023.05.15

【Working in Japan】How to write a resume (part-time job)

Each country has a different way to write a resume, but have you ever seen a Japanese resume? Japanese resume has a fixed format and can be downloaded online or purchased at convenience stores and 100-yen shops.

This time, we will explain how to write a Japanese resume.

Basic Rule:

・When writing by hand, use a black ballpoint pen. Please don't use erasable pen.

・When writing by hand, if you make a mistake, please rewrite it from the beginning. Do not use masking tape/pen.

・When writing by hand, please don't use photocopy machine.

・If you have nothing to write, write 「なし」“none”.

1) How to write the date on resume

・Write in Western calendar (YYYY/MM/DD).

2) 氏名(しめい)- Name

・Write your name in this order, 姓 (family name) and 名 (first name).

・Furigana: How to read. Above your name, write again your name in hiragana or katakana.

3) 生年月日(せいねんがっぴ)- Date of Birth

・Write in Western calendar.

4) 住所(じゅうしょ)- Address

・Write your current address.

・Write in this order, prefecture → municipality → address (→ apartment name and room number).

5) 学歴(がくれき)- Educational background / 職歴(しょくれき)- Work history

・Write your educational background and work history separately.

・Educational background : Write the name of the school or university, the month you entered, and the month you graduated.

・Work history : Write the name of the company you have worked for, the month you started, and the month you quit.

6)資格(しかく)- Qualifications

・Write the licenses and qualifications you have and the month you acquired them.

Example) Driver's license, JLPT, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, TOPIK, etc.

7)志望の動機(しぼう の どうき)- Reason for application

・Write down the reason why you want to work part-time. You can write what you want to learn and what kind of experience you want to have at your part-time job.

8)扶養家族数(ふよう かぞくすう)- Number of dependents

・Write down the number of family members that you support financially.

※Wife or husband is not included.

9)配偶者(はいぐうしゃ)- Spouse

・Spouse : Your wife or husband. Circle 「有」"Yes" if you have a spouse, and circle 「無」“No” if you do not.

10)希望職種(きぼう しょくしゅ)- Desired job

・Write down what kind of job and position you are interested in

Example) If it's a restaurant job

「キッチンスタッフ」"Kitchen staff"「接客」"Customer service"

You can also write,

「キッチン、ホールどちらでも大丈夫です。」"Kitchen or hall staff are okay"

11)本人希望記入欄(ほんにん きぼう きにゅうらん)- Personal preference entry field

・Write what you want to explain, such as educations and days of the week you want to work.


Q : What kind of pen do you use when writing your resume in Japan?

① Pencil

② Black Ballpoint Pen

③ Blue Ballpoint Pen






  The answer is?★






② Black Ballpoint Pen

Please use a black ballpoint pen, as it may disappear if you write with a pencil.

If you don't feel confident to write with a ballpoint pen from the beginning, you can use a pencil to make a draft.

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