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Column / 2023.05.16

《Differences from Home Country》Everyone's answer 2

YOLO JAPAN publish a simple survey every week!

Let's take a look at the result of "Differences from Home Country"


Things that surprised me when I came to Japan

Where are the garbage cans?

”In Japan, there is no trash on the streets, yet when you look for a trash can, you can't find it anywhere!"

"Everything I buy at convenience stores and other stores is wrapped, but what should I do with the garbage after eating and drinking?"

"What on earth do Japanese people do with their garbage?"

A foreign staff member who has lived in Japan for more than a year said he/she still wonders what Japanese people do with their garbage.

As a Japanese, I always take my trash home with me or throw it away when I find a trash can.

We are planning to publish the results of other "differences from my home country," so please look forward to them!

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