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Column / 2023.05.18

《Secrets you can't tell your partner》Everyone's answers 1

YOLO JAPAN will publish simple surveys every week!Let's take a look at the results of "Secrets you can't tell your partner"

Secrets you can't tell your partner

"I am bisexual." Tokyo

"I am homosexual." Saitama

Two out of 45 responses were related to LGBTQ+.
Keeping their sexuality a secret from their partner must be very painful.

It gave me an opportunity to think about what I can do to create a society where everyone, not just LGBTQ+ people, can live comfortably.

June is PRIDE Month around the world, and a variety of activities are held during this month.

YOLO JAPAN will also hold a PRIDE-themed event called "International Cafeteria" on Friday, June 2, to promote respect for diversity.

Please check it out on Friday, June 2!

International Cafeteria

In addition, we will release the results of "Secrets that cannot be said to partners", so stay tuned!

We will continue to post surveys twice a week, so please check them out!

Online Survey

YOLO JAPAN has jobs featured with LGBTQ+ friendly companies.

Check this out☆

LGBTQ+ friendly jobs