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Column / 2023.06.09

《What do you bring to a deserted island?》Everyone's answer

YOLO JAPAN releases a simple survey every week!

In this issue, we asked non-Japanese living in Japan, "What do you bring to a deserted island?" The results are shown below.

Survey period: 2022/4/28~2022/5/12

《What do you bring to a deserted island? TOP 3 Ranking》




To our surprise, the number one answer was "Knife"!

Many people choose knife because it can be used in various situations such as cooking and starting a fire.

Some people answered "army knife," which has many functions, such as a screwdriver, scissors, and so on.

Other answers included Bibles, cameras, and fishing gear.

Have you ever wondered, "Is it possible to use the phone on a deserted island?"

Actually, there is a phone that can be used on a deserted island called "satellite phone" (Eisei Denwa)!

If you are going to a deserted island, what would you like to bring with you?

We will continue to send out the survey twice a week.

It's a simple survey that takes only a minute to complete! Please check back!

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