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Column / 2023.06.15

【Working in Japan】What is 派遣社員(はけん しゃいん)- Temporary Employee?

YOLO JAPAN offers jobs with a type of employment called 「派遣社員(はけん しゃいん)」- Temporary Employee. What is the working style of temporary employee in Japan?

Let's learn how to work as a temporary employee and challenge yourself to work as a temporary employee!

■Temporary Employee Structure

A:Temporary Employee:

A person who registers with a staffing agency and is introduced to a job.

B:Staffing Agency:

A company that introduces jobs to temporary employee. Staffing agency pay salary to the temporary employee.

C:Company to work:

A company that introduced the temporary employee. The temporary employee will work for this company.

■ Step by step to work at staffing agency (YOLO JAPAN version)

1. Apply for a job as a temporary employee


2. Check the job contents at the interview

※When the job you applied for has closed, you might be introduced to a different job.


3. Register with staffing agency


4. Take a workplace tour of the company that you were referred to


5. Work for the company that you were referred to


6. Get paid by staffing agency

■Benefits of working as a temporary employee

・Various jobs are available

・Even if the job you applied for has closed, you can be introduced to another job

・If you register, you will be introduced to jobs

・They're various types of employement, such as temporary employees and temporary part-timers


Q : Which company does temporary employees get their salary from?

Staffing Agency


The company where you go to work every day






  The answer is?★






① Staffing Agency


・Discussion about working conditions

・Recieve your salary

These are things you do with a staffing agency.

Look for a job

Look for a featured job