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Column / 2023.06.16

《Is there anything you find strange about Japanese people?》Everyone's answer ①

YOLO JAPAN will publish simple surveys every week!

In this issue, we asked foreigners living in Japan,《Is there anything you find strange about Japanese people?》The results are shown below.

※Survey period:2023/5/12~2023/5/26

There were a variety of answers, but the most common answer was about 「Honne and Tatemae」.

「Japanese people's true intentions and tatemae are totally different!」Said a person from Sudan. 「When you do something wrong, they never tell you what you did was wrong.」Said a person from America.

It is true that Japanese people have a tendancy to not say what they are thinking.

What are "Honne" and "Tatemae"?

「Honne] is a person's true feelings.

「Tatemae」is an opinion that hides the person's true feelings.

It is a word that is typical of the Japanese, who are too concerned about the people around them and avoid hurting them.

As a Japanese person, I was surprised to learn that many foreigners know the word 「tatemae」. Do you also think「Honne and Tatemae」are strange?

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