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Column / 2023.07.04

【Living in Japan】避難場所(ひなん ばしょ)- Evacuation Site and Emergency Bag

Earthquakes often occur in Japan. Typhoons also comes frequently in the summer. What should we do if a disaster occurs? This time, we will explain about evacuation sites and emergency bag.

※避難(ひなん)- Evacuation: Escape to a safe place

避難場所(ひなん ばしょ)-Evacuation Site

It is a place to go when there is a typhoon or an earthquake. Schools, community centers and parks are used as evacuation sites. You can go to any evacuation site, so let's find out where the nearest evacuation site is.

避難所(ひなんじょ)-Evacuation Shelter

It is a place to stay in the event of a disaster. School gymnasiums and public halls can be used as evacuation shelters. Anyone can stay there, so let's find where the nearest shelter is.

Emergency Bag

It is a bag to carry your essentials in case of a disaster. Keep it in a place where you can easily grab while escaping.

《Things to put in an emergency bag》

・Mobile phone and charger




・First-aid supplies (masks and medicines)

・Cold protection (blanket)

・Valuables (passport, residence card, cash, passbook)

・Clothes (underwear, etc.)

※In addition to the evacuation bag, keep 非常食(ひじょう しょく)-emergency food and water at home. It is better to prepare enough to live for one week.

Things to do before a disaster occurs

・Fix furniture and home appliances so that they do not fall over.

・Check emergency bag and emergency food.

・Check the evacuation sites and shelters in your area.

・Family members need to decide how to contact each other and where to meet in the event of a disaster.

Families with children, elderly people, and pets have different things to prepare. Please prepare accordingly.


Q : When do you go to an evacuation site?

① During disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, and floods

② When the house catch fire

③ When the apartment is under construction






  The answer is?★






① During disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, and floods

We go to evacuation sites in the event of a disaster.

It is important to watch the news when disaster strikes. If you think it's dangerous, evacuate immediately.

If you cannot go to an evacuation site, please go to a safe place such as the upper floor of a building. Stay away from rivers and cliffs.

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