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Column / 2023.07.10

【Living in Japan】About Typhoon

In Japan, typhoons come around July to October every year. When a typhoon comes, it is very dangerous as the rain and wind become stronger. It is important to know what to do during a typhoon.

■ When the rain gets stronger

・The road is flooded with water.

・The rivers overflow its banks and the sea moves inland.

・Water goes underground and under the house.

・A landslide occurs in the mountains.

■ When the wind gets stronger

・Signboards and things fly.

・Roads become blocked when trees and utility poles fall onto them..

■ Things to do before a typhoon comes

・Move things you put outside such as bicycles, inside the house.

・Prepare emergency food and water.

・Check nearest evacuation sites.

■ Important things to do during a typhoon

・Prepare your flashlights

 ∟In case the electricity go out.

・Go home early

∟In case trains and buses stop.

・Do not walk on flooded roads

 ∟You may fall and be swept away by the flood or fall into a manhole.

・Stay away from rivers and the ocean

 ∟When a typhoon comes, the ocean or nearby river can sweep you away by its overflowing force.

・Stay away from cliffs and mountains

 ∟There is a risk of landslides.

《Free Wi-Fi that can be used when disaster occurs》

There is free Wi-Fi that can be used in the event of a disaster.

Just find "00000JAPAN" in your Wi-Fi network and connect to it.

Anyone can use it without registering, so it is convenient to memorize it.

If a typhoon comes, please stay indoors and stay safe.

It is also important to watch the news and check the typhoon information.


Q:What do you call a river that overflows?

①冠水(かんすい)- Kansui

②洪水(こうずい)- Kozui

③高潮(たかしお)- Takashio






  The answer is?★






②洪水(こうずい)- Kozui

洪水(こうずい)- Kozui is when the river overflows due to heavy rain.

冠水(かんすい)- Kansui is when the road is flooded with water.

高潮(たかしお)- Takashio is a storm surge as a result of a rise in sea level caused by a typhoon.

These words are difficult, but they always come up in the news about typhoon, so let's memorize it!

Studying Japanese will be useful in the event of a disaster.

YOLO JAPAN have a campaign where you can study Japanese online for free!


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