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Column / 2023.07.25

【Working in Japan】What to Wear for an Interview

What kind of clothes should you wear to an interview in Japan? It is important that the clothes you wear for an interview are clean. Let's prepare throughly, so you can make a good impression!

1)Part-time job Interview

You can wear the clothes that you usually wear, but please be careful to the following points.

・Wear clean clothes without wrinkles or stains.

・Make sure your hair is clean.

・Don't wear clothes that show too much skin.

・Don't wear too much perfume/cologne.

・Shave your beard or trim it neatly.

2)Full-time Job Interview

Please wear a suit to a full-time job interview. Pay attention to important points for part-time job interview as well as the following points.

・Wear a suit in calm colors such as black, navy, or gray.

・Choose a skirt that is long enough to cover your knees.

・Do not wear flashy accessories.

・Wear leather shoes or pumps.


Q:What things you shouldn't wear in a full-time job interview?

① Wrist Watch

② Big Earrings

③ Necktie Pin






  The answer is?★






② Big Earrings

Please don't wear flashy clothes in a full-time job interview. Also, take off your hat and coat before the interview.

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