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Column / 2019.09.17

The results of the questionnaire have come in, and many of you have predicted the champion will be . . . !

YOLO JAPAN conducted a questionnaire survey targeted towards 298 foreigners living in Japan from 58 countries who are registered with YOLO JAPAN.

According to the survey, 71% of the respondents (213 people) said that they were interested in the coming tournament. Among the 71%, 12% of the respondents, which amounts to 26 people, answered that they actually bought tickets.

In addition, when asked which country will win, the New Zealand National Team, which has the highest number of wins and is going for their third consecutive win ranked in 1st place. In 2nd place was the Japanese National Team, which is aiming to become one of the top 8 teams for the first time. It turns out that the host country has high expectations for the Japanese team. In 3rd place was the Australian National Team, nicknamed the "Wallabies," who have won twice. Following Australia, the team which has made the tournament for their 6th consecutive time and is making their 8th appearance is the American National Team. After that comes the England National Team, which is led by Eddie Jones, the former coach of the Japanese National Team.

Furthermore, as for favorite player ranking, Daniel William Carter from the New Zealand National Team came in 1st place (position: Stand off). Runners up are Japan's Ryohei Yamanaka (fullback) and captain Micheal Leitch (flanker).

In Rugby, unlike other sports, if a player has no history of playing for another national team and has consecutively lived in the country for more than 3 years, they may be able to represent a country not of their origin. The Japanese National Team also has many players from different countries playing for them. Regarding this point, 89% of respondents expressed their approval.

In order to provide better support for foreigners living in Japan, YOLO JAPAN will continue to conduct surveys and with reference to the opinions obtained, YOLO JAPAN will make efforts to expand their services.