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Column / 2023.09.15

【User who passed the JLPT】How did you pass N4?①

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a test to check your Japanese language level. In Japanese, it is called 日本語能力試験(にほんご のうりょく しけん).  In Japan, the tests are held twice a year, in July and December. This time, we will share an interview with Mr. M, who passed JLPT N5 and N4!

■ Please tell us your impressions after taking the test.

Passed the test in July 2018
Impression:The N5 test was easy because the questions were in hiragana and katakana.

Passed the test in December 2018
Impression:N4 was a little bit difficult because there were some questions that written in kanji.
However, since I live in Japan and hear people speak Japanese every day, listening wasn't difficult.
I was very happy when I passed N4.
I received some money as a gift from the school.

I plan to take it in 2024.

■ How did you study to pass N4?
I studied and memorized five kanji every week.
I asked my teacher to teach me the order of writing kanji so I could remember the correct way to write it.

■ How much did you study to pass N4?
I was busy, so I studied about two days a week.
I studied hard for 2 hours a day.

■ What is the important thing to study Japanese?
1. Continue studying every day, even if it's just for 30 minutes.

2. To study for speaking and listening, try to talk a lot with Japanese friends.
I usually look up the words in Japanese before talk.
After talking, i will review it again to make sure i was using the correct grammar/words.
I get nervous when I talk to Japanese, but it's okay to make mistake just talk as much as possible.

3. Memorize the kanji that you type on your mobile phone.
Even if you don't have time to study, you can study anytime while typing on your phone.

4. Study using language learning tools.
From now on, I plan to study online as well.
I'm busy with work, so I'm thinking of using *hello-sensei dot com and Japany

*Hello-sensei dot com : A site where you can find a teacher who can teach you the language you want to learn.

■ Are you glad you took the test?
Yes. I have become more confident in my Japanese.
I can to go to bank, city office, and immigration bureau by myself.
I think I will be more confident if I pass N3.

■ Advice for those who are about to take the test!
You may feel anxious, but don't worry!
Even if you don't pass the test, it's not a failure. There's always another chance.
Just study the parts you got wrong on the test one more time and that's enough.
Stay strong and do your best!


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