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Column / 2024.01.26

【Work in Japan】Japanese for Work -Restaurants-

Here are some common Japanese phrases used in restaurant and izakaya service.
Even people who don't work in restaurants are familiar with these Japanese phrases.
Working people, please remember the phrases we explained this time and use it a lot.

1) Japanese phrases used in customer service

■いらっしゃいませーIrasshaimase (Welcome)
This is the greeting you say first to customers who come to the store.
Let's say it cheerfully.

■何名様(なんめい さま)ですか?ーNanmei sama desuka? (How many people are with you?)
It is used when asking customers how many people came.

■ご注文(ちゅうもん)はお決まりですか?ーGochuumon wa okimari desuka? (Are you ready to order?)
It is used when asking for an order from a customer.
Let's listen patiently

■お待たせしましたーOmataseshimashita (I apologize for the wait)
1. When you keep customers waiting.
Ex: お待たせしました。席にご案内(あんない)します
(I apologize for the wait. I will show you to your table.)

2. When serving food to customers.
Ex: お待たせしました。カツ丼です。
(I apologize for the wait. Here is your katsudon.)

■少々(しょうしょう)お待ちくださいーShou shou omachikudasai (Please wait a moment)
It is used when you have to keep customers wait.
After you keep customers wait, let's say "お待たせしましたーOmataseshimashita"

2) Words used in restaurants.

■お冷(ひや)ーOhiya:Cold water

■おしぼりーOshibori:Wet towel or paper for wiping hands

■あがりーAgari:Hot tea

■生(なま)ーNama:Draft Beer
Some customers refer to draft beer (nama biiru) as "Nama."
Ex: とりあえず生1つ。
(I'll start with one draft beer)

■おあいそーOaiso:The bill
Ex: すみません、おあいそお願いします。
(Excuse me, please bring the bill)

■領収書(りょうしゅう しょ)ーRyoushuusho:A piece of paper like a receipt
It is often used when paying with company money.
The receipt should include the name of the person or company that paid the money.

There are many ways to say the same thing or express the same meaning in Japanese.
Let's provide attentive customer service and make the customers happy!
※The rules of customer service vary depending on the store, so please check with the staff first.

Q: Which Japanese phrase is used when you keep a customer waiting?
①少々お待ちくださいーShou shou omachikudasai






The answer is★







Use this phrase when you keep customers wait or bring food to their table.

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