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Column / 2024.02.22

👑Top 10 Japanese Companies that Foreign Residents Want to Work for!

YOLO JAPAN conducts surveys on its "Short-term Job / Survey" targeting foreign residents in Japan.
This time, we introduce the popular Japanese companies based on the results of a survey asking non-Japanese living in Japan "Which Japanese companies would you like to work for?"
Respondents: 127 individuals from 47 countries, including the United States, the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The 1st Place is Toyota Motor Corporation!

The number one company chosen by non-Japanese people was the world-famous automaker Toyota.
2nd Place is Rakuten Group, Inc.! Rakuten offers a variety of services, including "Rakuten Ichiba" and "Rakuten Pay".

Game and entertainment companies such as Capcom Co., Ltd. and Nintendo Co., Ltd. also ranked high.
In addition, companies that offer popular services such as Amazon, Apple, and LINE were also popular.

Reasons for Wanting to Work at These Companies

The most common reason given was "Because it is a famous company" (16.7%).
The next most common reason was "Because I can get skill-up support" (10.0%), which shows that many non-Japanese people are looking to advance their careers in Japan.

Other reasons included "Because there are many foreigners working there" (8.5%) and "Because it is a company with many employees" (8.2%), indicating that being a global company is a key factor.

Don't forget to highlight your diverse work experience in your resume and self-introduction video! Your experience working in different companies is your strength!
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