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Column / 2024.04.12

【User who passed the JLPT】Share Your Experiences Living in Japan! ①

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a test to check your Japanese language level. In Japanese, it is called 日本語能力試験(にほんご のうりょく しけん). In Japan, the tests are held twice a year, in July and December. This time, we will share an interview with user S, who passed JLPT N3 on December 3, 2023 (Sun).


Q: What motivated you to register with YOLO JAPAN?
Job offers and surveys.

Q: Are there any services or improvements you would like to see in YOLO JAPAN's services?
So far I am satisfied with the current services.

《About your work in Japan》
Q: Why did you decide to come to Japan?
Work purpose.

Q: How did you find your job?
A friend introduced me to my current company.

Q: Are there any foreign staff? (How many are there?)
Yes. 4.

Q: How did you learn the job? Did you have a manual?
Yes, we have a manual but mostly I learn it verbally.

Q: What are the challenges of caregiving?
The language.

Q: What are the rewarding aspects of caregiving?
The service you give to the patients is more worthy than money.

Q: How do you compare the work environment and work style in Japan to your home country?
A bit strict and serious.

《About your visa》
Q: Why did you obtain a Specified Skilled Worker Visa?
I had a trainee visa before and I heard about this SSW visa so I applied for it.

Q: Was there anything difficult about getting the visa?
ex) Gathering the required documents, Interview process, Spending a time for the visa to be issued
The processing of documents in my home country has a bad service when it comes to these matters.

Q: Do you have any plans to apply for other visas?
Yes, if possible.

《About JLPT》
Q: Why did you decide to take the JLPT?
For self and work related purposes.

Q: What did you do in studying for the JLPT?
Focus on grammar and terms.

Q: What is the difficult point of the Japanese language?
Kanji and tango.

Q: Finally, we would like to give a message to foreigners who are planning to work in Japan.
Do your best and unwind whenever you can.

【Job Search Feature Tailored to Your Japanese Level】

YOLO JAPAN offers a job search feature tailored to your Japanese level, from N5 to N1.
There are plenty of jobs available even for those who are not confident in Japanese.
Let's find a job that suits your Japanese level from the features below!
No Japanese necessary / N5
Enhancing your Japanese proficiency opens doors to a wider range of career opportunities.
YOLO JAPAN supports everyone who is studying Japanese!

【Tips for Getting Called for an Interview】
①Write a comprehensive profile
In addition to your educational and professional background, provide information that will showcase your experiences, skills, and personality.
Even if you haven't applied, you might still receive job offers from recruiters, so make sure to check your email every day! ✨
What is a scout?

②Appeal yourself with a self-introduction video
The companies you've applied to are evaluating your profile and video to decide if you're a good fit for an interview👀
Even if you are not confident in Japanese, try to speak at least your name and area of residence in Japanese!
What is a self-introduction video?