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News / 2021.01.22

New jobs through Academia! We have started posting jobs for 'writers'

New jobs through YOLO Academia!!!
<<About YOLO Academia>>

It's a 'training' program where you can learn Japanese and Japanese business etiquette while getting paid.

Learn more about YOLO Academia

We are currently recruiting "journalists in Osaka"
Monthly salary: MAX ¥400,000!!!

<POINTS> ✔No Japanese required ✔Write articles in your own language ✔No need to have previous experience


■What does a writer do?

As a writer, you will write and publish articles on the internet, books, and magazines.

You will conduct interviews and gather information according to the project.

■Those who are suitable to work as a writer

■The appeal of working as a non-Japanese writer

Being able to create sentences from scratch and having them seen by many people A writer is required to be able to "use words effectively" You must not only be able to convey your ideas through words and sentences, but also have the ability to attract and persuade your readers.

Gaining a deeper understanding of Japan To collect information, you will be able to visit many places, get to meet many people and experience many things. Learn about new places in Japan and come across information about Japan that even Japanese people do not possess. The experience will surely increase your knowledge of Japan.

Your experiences and feelings will become your articles

You will be able to deliver one-of-a-kind articles to your many readers, including your family, friends, and close acquaintances.


■Academia Quiz ~Writer Edition~

"Japanese Novelists" that writers should know about 

This person who is also on Japanese bank notes!  What is his name?

A,夏目 漱石(なつめ そうせき)-Natsume Soseki-

(1867-1916) His real name is Natsume Kinnosuke.  A Japanese novelist, critic, scholar of English literature, and poet.
One of the leading writers of Japanese modern literature.  He was very prolific, writing many novels, but he died of gastric ulcer while writing "Light and Darkness".  He was 50 years of age.
Also, from 1984 to 2007, the likeness of Natsume Soseki could be found printed on the Japanese 1000 yen bill.

<<His most famous works>>

"Kokoro", "I Am a Cat", "Botchan", etc.

There are still many other famous writers in Japan, so be sure to check them out. If after reading this article you feel, "I really want to do this job", then please apply.