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News / 2021.01.22

YOLO NEWS - 5 Tips to keep yourself healthy during With Corona era

With the recent state of emergency to put a stop to the spread of the novel Coronavirus, aren’t you spending more time at home? Staying home can be boring. Why don’t you use your home time and check our tips to keep healthy and start some new good habits? 

1. Keep your mind clear

Probably this is the time to buy that yoga mat and foam roller you always wanted. You do not need to join a Yoga course to take some moments for yourself and meditate. When you are home, try lying down with your eyes closed, palms up and focus on your breath. You can also try to sit cross legged, with hands on your knees and take some deep breaths in from your nose and out from your mouth. Just by practicing deep breathing, you will feel the effects of a relaxing meditation. 

Meditation will bring you the following effects:
・Increased patience
・Improved stress management
・Reduce negative emotions
・Better concentration and focus
・Enhanced coping skills

2. Experiment with healthy diet

Spending more time home can mean for many an increased consumption of junk food. Instead of doing that, give your body some love and use this time to put your hands on that healthy recipe you always wanted to try.

To strengthen your body, why don’t you try drinking homemade lemon hot water? Put some cut lemon slices and honey in a hot water infusion, stir and wait 3 minutes. The vitamin C in lemons can help alleviate stress, fight viral infections and strengthen your immune system. You can also add some ginger for extra taste and for anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Do not forget to take care of your skin

This With Corona era resulted in a rise of homemade products and DIY activities. Skin care is an important part for those who love their body and many are experimenting with creating their own products. 

Why don’t you create your own natural peeling paste with this recipe? Ground some green tea leaves (you can use already grounded tea) and mix with 2 teaspoon of honey until you create a smooth paste. Add some yogurt for a soothing effect and apply on your face for 3 minutes. Finally, rinse and clean your face, which will immediately get smoother. All ingredients are easy-to-find and cheap in Japan, so you can experiment with them.

4. Move that body of yours

Not being able to go to the gym is not a good excuse to give up on your physical routine. To do some sport at home you really only need a floor, walls, one chair, towels.

Even when you are sitting at your desk or on your sofa, you can always try the following exercise. Raise your arm and bend it so that your hand reaches toward the opposite side. Use your other hand and pull the elbow toward your head. Hold for 20 seconds and then repeat on the other side. Stretching is a good practice to keep muscles flexible and to help a correct metabolism. 

5. Try and write down things to do 

Spending time at home can feel like you are stuck. With all the free time you have, write down the things you always wanted to try but had no time to do, taken by your busy life. By writing down what you want to do, you will visualize better your goals and take action to achieve them. 

For example, you might try to:
1 Start a new language
2 Think about where you want to travel once we enter After Corona
3 Dive in into that long drama series with so many episodes
4 Rearrange your furniture for a new look to your home
5 Read more novels, essays or whatever book you like

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