News / 2019.09.30

YOLO JAPAN's survey about Japanese taxes for foreigners living in Japan

News / 2019.09.17

The results of the questionnaire have come in, and many of you have predicted the champion will be . . . !

News / 2019.09.11

【Questionnaire Results】Survey regarding awareness toward disaster preparedness

News / 2019.08.27

【Questionnaire Results】Announcing survey results for credit cards that are easily issued to foreigners, reasons for those who could not receive a credit card, etc.!

News / 2019.08.20

【Questionnaire Results】Survey Report: Job Changes among Foreigners in Japan

News / 2019.08.06

【Questionnaire Results】Sharing things that foreigners have trouble with/want from hospitals!

News / 2019.07.19

【Questionnaire Results】Sharing results about difficulties for foreigners when renting an apartment in Japan!

Promotion / 2019.07.18

YOLO JAPAN 100,000 Users Celebration Campaign! Apply for a part-time or full-time job and be entered into a contest to win tickets to a popular theme park!

News / 2019.07.16

225 registered nationalities (including areas)! Belize has been added!

News / 2019.07.05

【Important】 Announcement of suspension of the Influencer service

News / 2019.07.31

We will open “YOLO BASE” in Osaka, Japan’s first work training facility for foreigners. - For foreigners, YOLO JAPAN offers comprehensive support for employment and for living in Japan.-

News / 2019.06.18

【Also a must-see for those who want to switch to the Specified Skills Visa!】 YOLO JAPAN has started posting job ads for full-time positions.