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Column / 2021.05.28

《Misaki Town in Sennan District, Osaka》Guidance to Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Rollout|Useful Information for foreign residents in Japan

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In Japan, Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign was started on 17 February 2021. Also foreign residents of Misaki Town in Sennan District, Osaka, can enter the waiting list if they are 65 years old or older. Since vaccination eligibility and time change according to localities, it is better to check information of your residence area.

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Notification on Corona vaccination from Misaki Town 

In the following notification, directed to foreign residents in Misaki Town, you can find information about the schedule for Novel Coronavirus vaccination and its application process.

Status of Vaccination Rollout in Misaki Town  

Regarding Corona Vaccination Appointment in Misaki Town

Misaki Town, Sennan District, is now smoothly vaccinating not only on Japanese people, but also on foreigners. In order to get vaccinated, it is necessary to reserve an appointment in advance, and to issue a vaccination ticket. The vaccine will be administered in order to all those who requested it, so we ask everyone to kindly wait.

 Vaccination Reservation Method (※Vaccination ticket required) 

① Via Phone


Operating hours: 9AM - 5:30PM(Weekdays only)

※On the first operation days, it might be difficult to connect because of calls volume

※Please double-check the phone number before dialling to avoid wrong calls

②Via Internet

You can make a reservation at the following URL or by scanning the following QR Code.

※Before making a reservation on the internet, it is required to create an account. 

※With Pfizer vaccine, it is necessary to get a second vaccination 3 weeks after the first injection. Reservation is required for both first and second vaccination.

Manual for Reservation via Internet

Reservation Website

QR Code

 Vaccination centers 

As a rule, vaccination shots will be given in the local authorities of registered residence.

In case of unavoidable circumstances, it is possible for the vaccine to be administered by your local doctor. In this case, please consult with the local authorities and with your doctor. 

Vaccination venues


Since vaccinations are fully covered by public expenses, there are no costs for scheduling vaccination.(Transportation costs to the centers are to be covered individually)

 Documents necessary for vaccinations  

●Vaccination ticket (Sent via post to those 65 years or older, as per 28 May)

●Pre-Vaccination screening form(to be filled in advance)※The form is issued together with the Vaccination ticket

●An Identification document (such as Health Insurance Card, Long-term Care Insurance Card, Driving License, Residence Card or Passport)

●Medicine notebook(if any)

Pre-Vaccination screening form Translation※You can fill in the Japanese form while looking at one of the 17 languages available

About Pfizer Vaccine


Misaki Town Telephone Consultation Desk for Vaccination

Service hours: 9AM - 5:30PM(Weekday)
Telephone Number: 072-468-9935
※Please double-check the phone number before dialling to avoid wrong calls

●For general consultation on Novel Coronavirus vaccine 

Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Call Center by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Operating hours: 9AM - 9PM(Everyday including weekend and holidays)

Telephone Number: 0120-761770(Free Dial)

●For professional consultation on side effects

Osaka Prefecture Novel Coronavirus Specialized Consultation

Operating hours: 24/7 (Everyday including weekend and holidays)

Telephone Number: 0570-012-336

●For consultation on fraud about Novel Coronavirus

National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, Novel Coronavirus Fraud Center, Consumers Hotline 

Telephone Number: 0120-797-188

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