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Column / 2021.06.16

《Osaka City》Novel Coronavirus vaccination rollout started for those 64 years and younger|Useful Information for foreign residents in Japan

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In Japan, Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign was started on 17 February 2021. In Osaka City, those 65 years or older were previously entitled to be vaccinated, and now also Japanese nationals and foreign residents 64 years or younger can receive the vaccination. Since vaccination eligibility and time change according to localities, it is better to check the information of your residence area.

※You can share this article with family and friends in case they might need this information.

Do not dispose of the “Vaccination Ticket" and “Preliminary Examination Slip” you received from your municipality.

If you lost them, they will need to be re-issued for you to get your vaccine.

(Please bring all the enclosed documents to the Vaccination venue) 

Osaka City starts sending Vaccination tickets for the Novel Coronavirus vaccine

From Wednesday 16 June, Osaka City will start posting Vaccination Tickets to Japanese and foreign residents in Osaka, 64 years or younger. Times for the posting will vary according to targets' age, and Vaccination tickets for those 21 years or younger are scheduled to be sent on Wednesday 30 June. The official site of Osaka City has automatic translation for 93 languages, so please select your own language when checking more details.

Here is the schedule for Novel Coronavirus Vaccination(link)

Check with easy Japanese (link)

Regarding booking of Novel Coronavirus Vaccination

Osaka City is now working to smoothly give vaccination not only to Japanese nationals, but also to foreigners. After carefully reading the “Notification of Novel Coronavirus Vaccination”, please keep the “Vaccination Ticket" and “Preliminary Examination Slip” you received, until the day of your vaccination.

 Content of the envelope 

・Vaccination Ticket

・2 Preliminary Examination Slips


・Explanation sheet in regards to Coronavirus Vaccination (Pfizer; Takeda/Moderna)

Explanatory sheet on Pfizer Vaccination (link)

*Available in 17 languages

Explanatory sheet on Takeda/Moderna Vaccination (link)

*Available in English

Do not dispose of the “Vaccination Ticket" and “Preliminary Examination Slip” you received from your municipality.

If you lost it/them, it/they will need to be re-issued for you to get your vaccine.

(Please bring all the enclosed documents to the Vaccination venue) 


Since vaccinations are fully covered by public expenses, there are no costs for scheduling vaccination.(Transportation costs to the centers are to be covered individually)

 Documents necessary for vaccinations  

●Vaccination ticket (Sent via post to those 65 years or older, as per 28 May)

●Pre-Vaccination screening form(to be filled in advance)※The form is issued together with the Vaccination ticket

●An Identification document (such as Health Insurance Card, Long-term Care Insurance Card, Driving License, Residence Card or Passport)

●Medicine notebook(if any)

Pre-Vaccination screening form Translation (link)

※You can fill in the Japanese form while looking at one of the 17 languages available


 Vaccination Reservation Method (※Vaccination ticket required) 

Appointments can be booked via internet or via the Osaka Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center.

Vaccination Rollout starting dates are still to be decided, so we ask to wait a little bit longer.

In regards to Vaccination Booking (link)

 Osaka City large-scale vaccination center【 INTEX Osaka Hall 】 

Vaccination Rollout start date: TBD

At the moment, vaccination for those 65 years or older are taking place at “INTEX Osaka”, a mass inoculation center set in Suminoe Ward. As of the second half of June, and should spaces become available, those 64 years of age and younger who have received vaccination tickets will also be able to get vaccinated.

■Location: INTEX Osaka Hall 1, 1-5-102 Nankokita, Suminoe Ward, Osaka, 559-0034

■Handled Vaccine: Moderna(Scheduled)

Information about Osaka City large-scale vaccination center (link)

Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center

Fee(Free)Service hours:9AM - 9PM(Everyday)
0570-065670 (Navi Dial) 
06-6377-5670(For those who cannot use Navi Dial)

Available Languages:Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese

For some of the above languages, Consultation desk opening hours are as follows:

Thai: 9AM - 6PM

Filipino: 9AM - 5:30PM on Weekdays

Vietnamese:10AM - 7PM

Check more (link)