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Column / 2023.03.29

【Working in Japan】福利厚生(ふくりこうせい) - Benefits at YOLO JAPAN

There are various types of benefits in Japan.

This time, we will introduce the fun benefits at YOLO JAPAN✨

1) Nap Room

YOLO JAPAN office has a nap room.

It's a benefit that allow staff to feel relaxed when working.

If you feel sleepy after eating lunch, you can take a nap💤

2) YOLO Buddy Lunch

YOLO Buddy: Two people who communicate a lot, such as senior staff explaining about the company to the new staff.

You can get lunch once a month for three months after a new staff member joins.

While eating lunch, we talk a lot not only about work, but also about personal matters.

Chinese food, hamburgers and sushi looks delicious right🤤

3) Event

YOLO JAPAN holds a lot of fun events.

It's a benefit that allow staff to communicate a lot with others and work happily.

All foreign and Japanese staff had a Halloween event 🎃 and a sports event🏃!

What kind of benefits does the company you work for offer?

You can ask someone from the company★


Q : Which character won at the YOLO JAPAN Halloween event?

①Yor from SPY×FAMILY

②Itachi from NARUTO

③Kaonashi from Spirited Away






  The answer is? ★






①Yor from SPY×FAMILY

YOLO JAPAN has many events that everyone can participate in.

Please check the "News Page" for updates.

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