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Column / 2023.07.19

【Living in Japan】About Earthquakesー地震(じしん)

Japan is a country with a lot of earthquakes. Due to earthquakes, the furniture may fall over and cause injures or a fire and it's very dangerous. You never know when an earthquake will strike, so it's important to know what to do.

《What to do when an earthquake strikes》

■ When you are at home

・Wait under a table until the shaking stops.

 ∟Protect your head and body from falling objects and furnitures.

・Once the shaking stops, evacuate outside.

※Turn off the heater and stove before running outside. Turn off the circuit breaker as well.

■ When you are outside

・Stay away from the building.

∟In case window glass or signboards may fall.

・Stay away from things that easily fall over.

 ∟Such as vending machines and concrete block walls.

■ When driving a car

・Slowly move to the left and stop.

・Stop the engine.

・When you leave the car, leave the car keys inside.

 ∟Someone may move the car to make a way for an ambulance or police to get through.

《What to do during an earthquake》

Don't rush home

 ∟Trains and buses may stop. Please evacuate to a safe place without trying to return home.

Stay away from mountains and cliffs.

 ∟ Mudslides (landslides) may occur.

Stay away from the sea

 ∟After a big earthquake, a tsunami may come.

《Things to do before an earthquake strikes》

・Fix furniture and home appliances.

・Prepare emergency food and water.

・Check nearest evacuation sites.

《Free Wi-Fi that can be used when disaster occurs》

There is free Wi-Fi that can be used in the event of a disaster.

Just find "00000JAPAN" in your Wi-Fi network and connect to it.

Anyone can use it without registering, so it is convenient to memorize it.

A big earthquake is usually followed by another smaller earthquake called 「余震(よしん)」ーYoshin (aftershocks). It's important to keep checking the news and be cautious.


Q:What do you call smaller earthquakes that strikes for a few days after a big earthquake?









  The answer is?★







③「余震(よしん)」ーYoshin are small earthquakes that strikes many times after a big earthquake.

②津波(つなみ)ーTsunami is a big wave that comes after an earthquake.

①停電(ていでん)ーTeiden is a power outage, when the electricity is stopped and can not be used.

These words are difficult, but they always come up in the news about earthquake, so let's memorize it!

Studying Japanese will be useful in the event of a disaster.

YOLO JAPAN have a campaign where you can study Japanese online for free!


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