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Promotion / 2024.02.01

【3 Winners Every Month!】Friend Referral Promotion🙌

Introduce YOLO JAPAN to your friends, and you'll both get a 300 yen Amazon gift card.

Share YOLO JAPAN with all your friends!♡

《About the promotion》

How long?
(Thursday) February 1, 2024 ~ (Sunday) April 28, 2024

What can I get?
Amazon gift card worth 300 yen
※Amazon gift cards can only be used on Amazon.co.jp

Who can get it?
During the promotion period, 3 people will be selected by lottery each month to win an Amazon gift card. To be eligible, you must have done either ① or ②.

 ① People who refer their friends using the "Refer a Friend" feature on My Page
 ※Your friend has completed the registration for YOLO JAPAN.
 ※Have registered residence card or ID (for identity verification).
 ※Living in Japan.

② People who registered for YOLO JAPAN using a referral link
 ※Have registered residence card or ID (for identity verification).
 ※Living in Japan.
More friends you refer, more chances you have to win!✨

When can I get it?
An email will be sent from 15th of every month.
※Winning emails will only be sent to winners.

※You can also check if you have won the lottery by going to the lottery results page

Where do I refer friends from?
You can refer your friends from "Refer a Friend" on My Page 
Click here to see a QR code and a link. You can share either one with your friends.

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