Promotion / 2022.02.21

Apply for a job and receive a gift!

The first 920 people to apply for a job posted on YOLO JAPAN will be given a "gift coupon" that can be redeemed at all stores nationwide! (Limited to 1 per person)

※Promotion will end once all coupons have been given out.
※YOLO SURVEY (questionnaires and surveys) are not applicable.

▼Receivable Gifts


"A hot/iced MACHI cafè small coffee(100 yen including tax) [to-go only]


Vouchers can be exchanged for "A hot/iced MACHI cafè small coffee" at all LAWSON locations nationwide.

Promotion period

Monday, February 21, 2022 - Thursday, March 31, 2022

※The promotion period will end once 920 people have applied

How to enter

STEP1:Find a job ad you're interested in
※YOLO SURVEY (questionnaires and surveys) are not applicable.
STEP2:Apply for the job
STEP3:After you apply, the coupon exchange page will be displayed.
STEP4:Click "Receive gift" to go to the gift coupon exchange page.
※The coupon exchange page will only be displayed once per person.

How to receive and redeem the gift

STEP1:Click on "Begin lottery"
STEP2:The gift will be generated, and you can click on "See gift"
STEP3:The coupon page will be displayed when you click "Receive gift."
STEP4:Show the coupon page at the store checkout counter.

You can check your gift acquisition status here.
Bookmark the page on your smartphone so you can see your gift anytime!

Gift/Coupon acquisition status

※*If you are not already a member, you must register and upload your status of residence and have it approved before applying for a job.

Find a job now!
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Cautionary note

■YOLO SURVEY (questionnaires and surveys) are not applicable for this promotion.
■The rights to enter this promotion belong to the person who applied for the job. The right to apply cannot be transferred.
■Please note that we are not able to answer inquiries regarding the issuance of gifts during this promotion.
■This promotion is subject to change or may terminate without notice. Additionally, the conditions may be revised at any time at the discretion of YOLO JAPAN. Any changes or revisions will affect YOLO JAPAN and all applicants.
■YOLO JAPAN reserves the right to cancel or postpone this campaign at any time in the event of an interference that prevents with the proper operation of this campaign, in the event of a similar event, or in the event that makes it difficult to continue with this campaign.
■YOLO JAPAN shall not be held liable for any damages or disadvantages resulting from the applicant's application to a job or this promotion.
■YOLO JAPAN shall not be held responsible should the applicant not be able to apply to a job or the promotion due to a network malfunction or system maintenance.

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