Promotion / 2022.03.18

1 in 10 are guaranteed to win! Apply for a YOLO Card and get 10,000 yen promotion

Thank you for always using YOLO JAPAN!

With this limited-time offer, 1 in 10 YOLO Card applicants are guaranteed to win a 10,000 yen Amazon Gift Card!  If you still haven't applied for a YOLO Card, take this opportunity to apply for a YOLO Card and receive this prize!


Promotion overview
Promotion period: March 18, 2022 (Fri.) - April 15 (Fri.)
Eligibility: Those who have applied for a YOLO Card during the promotion period and are able to use the card
The promotion will end as soon as the 300 applicant mark is reached.

*YOLO Cards are issued free of charge*

Receiving your prize
*Emails to notify the winners will be sent out sequentially from May 10, 2022.
*Results will only be sent out to the winners.

How to participate in this promotion
Just apply for a YOLO Card!


★★About YOLO Card★★

No bank account necessary!

A YOLO Card can be made by just registering your residence card and is convenient for online shopping!

A deferred payment function that allows you to shop on the spot and make the payment by the end of the following month is included.

The application process
1. Register member information
2. Issuance of application number
3. Download the 'Epre' app
4. App membership registration (enter the application number you received in STEP 2)
5. Issuance of your virtual card

↓↓↓Click here to apply for a YOLO Card↓↓↓