Promotion / 2021.05.17

【end the campaign】A campaign to support working women and girls doing their best "Happy Girls PILL Campaign"

This campaign is over

YOLO PILL ONLINE is a new service for women that will start from May 31, 2021♪

With YOLO PILL ONLINE, for 4.950 yen (tax included),
everything will be done online from your medical examination
to receiving your low-dose pills!  From the second month onward,
skip the medical exam and save more by ordering
a regular prescription of low-dose pills (3.498 tax included)♪

We at YOLO PILL ONLINE want to solve problems that working women and girls studying hard at school face every month.  With the hope of making their lives more comfortable and stress free, we will give out Amazon gift cards worth 500 yen to the first 350 people!

Period: Monday, May 31 ~ Wednesday, June 30

How to participate: Use 'YOLO PILL ONLINE',
the online pill prescription service, during the period mentioned above♪

How to receive: 2 business days after the medical examination,
when the pill is prescribed, an Amazon gift card worth 500 yen (gift certificate type) will be sent to your address along with the pills.

▼Click here for service

✓Receive monthly pills for a fixed amount of 3,498 yen (tax included)
from the 2nd month

✓Everything is done online from the medical examination to receiving your pills!  Since there is no need to visit the hospital, it is stress-free

✓An English interpreter will be provided free of charge,
so there is no need to worry

What is the low-dose pill?

The low-dose pill is a fixed-dose combination of
the female hormones estrogen and progesterone.

The low-dose pill has an ovulation suppressing effect
and an endometrial growth-suppressing effect. 
Not only is it useful as a contraceptive,
it can also improve symptoms such as
menstrual pain, menorrhagia, irregular menstruation, PMS, and acne.

How lose-dose pills work

The pill is made using two hormones, one of which is called "progesterone."
Progesterone prepares the endometrium for the implantation of fertilized eggs
and raises the basal body temperature. 

It also retains water and causes fluctuations in the body before menstruation.
The other hormone is "estrogen," which is known for protecting the firmness
and moisture of both skin and hair,
as well as affecting the autonomic nerve system
which in turn greatly affects women's minds and bodies.

When you take the pill, these female hormones reduce the amount of hormones
 needed to cause ovulation and prevent ovulation altogether.
They also prevent sperm from entering the uterus and make it difficult
for fertilized eggs to implant themselves into the endometrium.

Pill contraceptive effectiveness

The pill's contraceptive effectiveness is high.
When looking at the contraceptive failure rates of different contraceptives
for the first year of use, we can see that condoms have a failure rate of 2 to 15%,
and the pill has a failure rate of 0.3 to 9%.

As long as you don't forget to take it, the pill is a very effective contraceptive.

Q.The pill won't leave me unable to get pregnant after I stop taking it, will it?

  • A.It is possible to normally get pregnant after 3 months of not taking the pill. The fact that you have taken the pill in the past will not affect your chance of getting pregnant. 

Advantages of the pill

Contraception with the low-dose pill has the following features.

① Easy and highly effective contraception
② The female can take the initiative in contraception
③ High contraceptive coverage

In addition to contraception, the following effects can also be expected.

① Reduction of menstrual pain
② Decrease in bleeding
③ Improvement of menstrual irregularities
④ Suppression of the progression of endometriosis
⑤ Decreased risk of uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and colon cancer
⑥ Prevention of osteoperosis
⑦ Improvement of acne
⑧ Shortening of menstrual period
⑨ Improvement of premenstrual syndrome (premenstrual health issues)

Side effects of the pill

Though the pill seems to have many advantages,
there are also some slight side effects.
However, the chance of side effects occuring is only a small percentage.

Side effects typically disappear after about 3 months of continued use,
but in the rare event that your symptoms persist, please consult your doctor 

Main side effects

① Nausea
② Tightness in the breasts
③ Irregular bleeding
④ Headache
⑤ Lower abdominal pain
⑥ Swelling

How to take the pill

Triquillar 28

Take the reddish brown pill once a day at a decided time for 28 consecutive days.
Keep taking the pill in this manner for as long as you want contraception,
whether or not you are menstruating.

(Take the pills in order as indicated by the arrows, from top to bottom and
left to right. First, the reddish brown pill for 6 days,
then the white pill for 5 days, followed by the light yellowish brown pill for 10 days,
and finally the slightly larger white pill for 7 days.)

【A chance for any female to get rewarded】A questionnaire on the pill (oral contraceptive)