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Let’s live and work in the Japanese countryside!《Gunma prefecture》

Appealing points in living and relocating to the countryside

Did you know that people moving to the countryside are increasing?

The main reasons for this are:

・Inexpensive cost of living compared to big cities

・A more slow paced lifestyle

・Chance to enjoy Japan’s natural landscape

・Closer relations with neighbours and the local community

With this job offer in Gunma prefecture, you can get all of these!

Where is Gunma?

Gunma Prefecture’s appealing points

①The most convenient Prefecture for cost of living

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in 2016, the average cost of living in Gunma resulted in the cheapest in Japan. You could save more money here in Gunma then by living in big cities!

②A nice place to raise children

Every year, there are close to no children in waiting lists for kindergarten! Moreover, all medical expenses are free for children up to 12 years old. It is a perfect place for children to play to the fullest surrounded by nature. 

③Rich in hot-spring localities

Gunma Prefecture is blessed with more than 10 natural hot springs! Amongst them, the renowned Kusatsu Onsen and Ikaho Onsen! Why don’t you recharge by entering hot-springs after work or on holidays?

④Not too far from big cities

You can reach Tokyo by train in one hour, so it’s perfect if you love the countryside but want to enjoy the city from time to time!

Let’s work in Gunma!

About the job

We are looking for staff in a factory producing Gyoza dumpling for the famous restaurant chain “Osaka Ohsho”

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Positions appealing points

①It’s a secure position, since the client is the big restaurant chain “Osaka Ohsho”

This food manufacturing company is growing even during the Coronavirus crisis.

There is almost no one in Japan that doesn’t know about “Osaka Ohsho” and you can get to work there!

②There are many foreigners working here

The food factory features many foreign residents, including technical intern trainees and those holding a working visa!

You can start your job feeling reassured you will be guided by other foreigners! 

③The position includes a system by which you can become a contracted employee

You can get the chance to be promoted from temporary worker to contracted employee!

Accept the challenge and join the other foreign staff who got promoted to contracted employee!

④Dormitory rent is cheap

If you are concerned about the challenges of finding a new house, you can apply for a place in the company dormitory facility! With an inexpensive rent of 20.000yen, you have nothing to worry about!

What is like living in Itakura City, Gunma?

Only one hour from Tokyo, Itakura is blessed with beautiful water and nature.

Here different people come to enjoy the luxurious activities of camping and water sports, to start gardening and to deepen their relations with locals.

Being close to Tokyo, it is also possible to keep in touch with your friends in the city!

Check more information on Itakura City here (Japanese)

Find more about the job

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