News / 2019.11.15

Japanese rules and manners that foreigners don't know about are "Garbage separation" and "Business manners."

News / 2019.10.29

YOLO JAPAN's questionnaire revealed that foreigners' number one spot to view autumn leaves is Hakone

News / 2019.10.28

226 registered nationalities (including areas)! Curacao has been added!

News / 2019.10.23

YOLO JAPAN conducted a questionnaire to find out which ingredients and flavors foreigners prefer. Based on their responses, a new menu has been developed ~ The new menu is now being served at the restaurant in 'YOLO BASE', an inbound working facility for foreign residents~

News / 2019.10.09

We're offering financial services for foreigners in cooperation with Seven Bank ~ Our first step is improving overseas transfers and accessibility to job recruitment information for foreigners living in Japan ~

News / 2019.10.09

In cooperation with Kit Planning, we will offer 'YOLO MEDICAL', an online medical examination system that's supported in 17 languages ~Solving problems for foreigners who cannot describe their symtoms to their doctors in Japanese~

News / 2019.10.09

We've teamed up with Meiko Network Japan to provide a specified skills visa online course for foreigners living in Japan

News / 2019.10.04

YOLO JAPAN FESTIVAL is a festival for foreigners. It is held at YOLO BASE in Shin-Imamiya, Osaka.

News / 2019.10.04

"YOLO MOBILE," the SIM card for foreigners, now being sold nationwide~No bank account necessary! Buy a SIM card online with support in multiple languages~

News / 2019.09.30

YOLO JAPAN's survey about Japanese taxes for foreigners living in Japan

News / 2019.09.17

The results of the questionnaire have come in, and many of you have predicted the champion will be . . . !

News / 2019.09.11

【Questionnaire Results】Survey regarding awareness toward disaster preparedness