Column / 2020.06.24

90% of foreigners living in Japan looking forward to domestic travel after Coronavirus, especially to Okinawa and Tokyo

Promotion / 2020.06.12

For Father’s Day, YOLO JAPAN launches new campaign, with gift tickets to overcome coronavirus hardship

News / 2020.06.01

YOLO JAPAN has reached over 160,000 users!

Column / 2020.04.27

YOLO JAPAN questionnaire finds that around 90% of foreigners "would like to use a Japanese learning service, even if it costs money"

News / 2020.04.23

FAQ and latest information on New Coronavirus Infection

News / 2020.04.22

Decided special cash handout will apply also to foreign residents with a residence status of 3 months or longer

News / 2020.04.07

A comprehensive media for foreigners, YOLO JAPAN, is raising funds from JR West Japan Innovations.

News / 2020.03.27

80% of respondents with a status of residence who have working restrictions are working towards acquiring the "specified skilled" visa [Obstacles for acquiring the "specified skilled" visa are "not knowing how to apply" and "being unable to find a place of employment"]

News / 2020.02.21

YOLO JAPAN has reached over 150,000 users!

Column / 2020.01.09

The top 3 fashion brands among foreigners living in Japan are Uniqlo, H&M, and GU

Column / 2019.12.27

The reason that "Japan Post Yucho Bank" is popular among foreigners living in Japan is the ease of opening an account

Column / 2019.12.25

72% of foreigners would like to work for a delivery service and want at least 200,000 yen per month